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Senate Sets Timeline for Confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
by This Week in Congress
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  • Lee
    Voted Angry

    This is a nightmare that we will have to clean up by taking back the Senate and the presidency! Then we have to expand the courts, fill them with qualified people who understand civics, equality, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, workers rights, and environmental rights! Next is impeaching and disbarring all the dominionists and far right assholes Mitch and Trump rammed through, destroying the Federalist Society, and if possible find all the lobbying firms that hire the Repugs and destroy them and make them suffer for all the damage that they have all done! Finally in addition to reuniting the children that were separated at the border, we have to tax the rich and all the Evangelical and Megachurches need their tax-exempt status revoked and heavily taxed!!!

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