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Senate Starts Floor Debate on Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Nomination
by Causes
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    Right matters, truth matters, decency matters. Trumps White House doesn’t have any of that and those people are not even qualified for themselves much less to nominate a supreme court justice. She’s definitely not a Ruth Bader Ginsburg far from it. She was vetted and I read everything there was to know about what she’s done in the past that and from what I saw it didn’t look good the type of churches and followers that she was and it just seemed like it was a pretty pathetic life and just to bring up the the number of children that she has to try to glorify that I don’t think that’s a good answer either. Moscow Mitch has just been really Crouzon for it and ambivalent in every manner that comes up that’s decent he has he’s a posing everything that is what makes our country as good as it is. Donald Trump cannot even manage this country. Let alone appoint a supreme court judge I’m sorry Miss Barrett is not good enough. They’re only doing it to pack the court so that the Republicans can win. When Trump was impeached it was those senators the Republican senators that could’ve helped push that over, but they all declined to do their job. Sorry they fall right in line with Trump because him and McConnell all fail to do their jobs I can’t see why were paying them to be in the White House. They’re not doing anything and I can’t compare themselves to Lincoln you have to do something good for the country weather doing well let’s see they’re putting children in jails separating from the parents now they have like almost 500 kids that don’t know where their parents are that’s one thing they let the pandemic slip by because they didn’t want Obamas practices to in the White House so now we’ve lost 220,000 people and counting they can’t run the White House they just don’t know how how, and if they do they’re in such denial or such as conceit they’re so conceited that they think that they know that they know better than the experts even or the scientists or the doctors to be putting will be putting a doctor felt she down was the iMessage typical Trump everybody has to be lower than him and Hass to have a nasty name. I personally don’t wanna go through another four years of Donald Trump or the supreme court justice nominee.

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