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Senate Starts Floor Debate on Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Nomination
by Causes
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  • Lee
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    I keep telling you now, when the Dems wipe the floor with the Repugs after election and the Senate and white house are back in your hands, you need to expand the courts, fill it with qualified people who care about civics, equality, civil rights, environmental rights, workers rights, LGBTQ rights, and pro healthcare, as well as impeach the illegitimate justices that traitor Mitch rammed through. Next open an investigation into Mitch, his wife, the Federalist Society, and all the Repugs with Russia ties and their doners!!! They want to pervert justice by stacking the courts with far right attack dogs, then they need to rot in jail and die!!! No more Mr nice Dems anymore, we now know who our enemies are, it is the Federalist Society, the dominionists, the far right, the xenophobes, the bigots and the Q Anons!!!

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