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WATCH & COMMENT: Key Quotes & Moments from the Final 2020 Presidential Debate
by Causes
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  • Brian
    Voted Apathetic

    Donald and his supporters say that he's "done more for black people than any president since Lincoln". Yes, here's what he's done: killed tens of thousands of black people from a virus he refuses to control and refuses to spend money to stop; revoked food stamps and health insurance from thousands of black families who rely on these programs while struggling to make ends meet at minimum wage jobs; rescinded consent decrees put in place by the Obama DOJ which would ensure more equitable policing in cities such as Ferguson and Baltimore; allowed millions to lose their jobs due to this pandemic, which affected people of color at a higher proportion than white people; ignored the racial unrest that has flared up this summer while continuing to dog-whistle to the extreme right groups who support him. Yes, it's a proud legacy he has of "doing the most" for black people. I'm sure they'll all proudly vote for him.

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