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CEOs of Twitter & Facebook Subpoenaed Over Suppression of Reporting on Hunter Biden's Emails
by Causes
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  • John
    Voted No

    Who gives a crap! It’s the same bullshit Trump tried at this point with Hillary Clinton only that was emails this time and some Absolutely fantastic way Rudy Giuliani finds a laptop and repair store with emails on it it’s nuts. Here’s what the truth is. Instead of 2000 people dying every week 2000 people have died this past week in two days from Covid! There are now over 225,000 Americans dead from Covid. This is all due to Donald Trump and his fake virus approach to this pandemic. Trump is an inept leader and an inept man. He has no morals no scruples ruined the economy ruinEd the school system it has driven crime through the roof. This man is a human disaster. And he is not the only one to blame Mike Pence Lindsey Graham Devon Nunez Mitch McConnell David Predue all share in this man’s blame because they back this asshole as he killed America.

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