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National Security Officials Announce Iran Sent American Voters Intimidating Emails, Russia Obtained Voter Registration Data
by Causes
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  • John

    Here’s what I’m even more concerned about Trump dragging out his same bullshit story that he did this time last Time for years ago. It’s change slightly now Rudy Giuliani the bullshit artist of the century has magically found a laptop in a repair store that belong to Joe Biden son how fantastic is that it’s the bullshit story of the century. Only a complete idiot and asshole would even make up a story like this and that would be Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. I am so sick to death of both of their bullshit. When this elections over Giuliani should be deported to Croatia or to Russia where he belongs along with Donald Trump where he belongs also. This country is in worse shape than it has been since World War II thanks to Donald Trump and his stupid ass minions. Over 260,000 Americans dead the economy ruined our school system ruined race Relations ruined our standing in the country ruined Donald Trump has been a major loser for this country in the world time for this fucker to go.

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