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IT: Final 2020 presidential debate, and... 🧮 Will you demand every vote be counted?
by Causes
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  • Lisa

    All votes must be counted after making SURE that no votes were cast more then once as requested by Trump. The “Poor Me” President only concerned about himself is a guy who Sold America to the highest country who petted his head....ahhh yes, the Russian Snakes who knew his weaknesses. Trump is an Enemy of the USA, divide the Masses with hate and conspiracy Theories...America is better then that! Save America and Vote that very Vile person OUT oF office ...the Republicans lost their way, waddling in his selfishness. The GOP is done. Blu Wave is in process. The court will be out of step with the People. And their rulings will be meaningless - the DOJ has also lost their way. Barr and Trump and McConnelly are criminals and must be investigated after the election. The Emperor has no clothes. Never did- biggest farce in American and World history.

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