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California GOP Installs Unofficial Ballot Drop Boxes – Do You Support Unofficial Drop Boxes?
by Causes
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  • Nancy
    Voted Yes

    Absolutely! CA Republicans are finally working the Dems at their own game of harvesting ballots. Padilla & Becerra had to negate their false claim the very next day by allowing the Republicans to change their sign but still allowing the collection. All you know nothing Dems have no idea how corrupt & conniving they are in our state, how they tricked the population into voting for having the TOP 2 primary candidates advance to the General election. This almost eliminated any chance of Independent or Republicans making the cut. This has resulted in a Super Majority in our state AND resulted in the devastating debt our state. There’s nothing the state won’t pass to raise our taxes. Back to the Boxes. Dems have “paid” people to go to nursing homes & door to door to Harvest ballots BUT ONLY from Independents & Democrats. They won’t take Republicans ballots??? And we’ve watched Congressional Republicans lose weeks after the elections with “discovered ballots” that still get counted. No we don’t trust the Democrats with good reasons. It’s very depressing living in a state that limits our freedom of speech and having a representative that actually represents us. We don’t have the money to fight the Deep Pockets of Soros, entertainment industry & Globalist from Wall Street or the radical left.

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