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Topics Selected for Next Week’s Trump-Biden Debate - Do You Have Questions for the Candidates?
by Causes
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  • John

    What a laugh the debate commission just announced that they’re going to turn off microphones when it’s not your turn to speak. Donald Trump is extremely angry that someone is finally going to make him shut up. He should be actually happy because he made a complete fool of himself last time jacking his jaws.I’m quite sure he’ll find some other way to make an ass out of himself again, but he can’t help that because he is an ass! This idiot has killed over 220,000 people now with more than 1000 more dead every week 80,000 more people lose their jobs every week and people are about to start Being evicted in droves. This man is a total disaster he’s ruined this country and kill off a good portion of his population. Really he should be in prison.

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