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CBO Projects $3.1 Trillion Federal Deficit in FY2020 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
by Causes
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  • Anita
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    This is correctable: tax the wealthy! When teachers & nurses pay more in taxes than billionaires, the loopholes need to be plugged! These same billionaires & their companies need to be heavily penalized when they outsource to foreign countries. Right now, everyone wants Lysol, & there is none to be found; there are empty factories for sale everywhere. Why isn’t there a new Lysol plant in every state, producing needed products AND jobs? We need to consolidate health insurance to make it affordable & available to everyone. We should reduce our military spending starting at the top, not the boots on the ground. So many of our institutions are top heavy. Schools are overloaded with overpaid administrators while teachers deserve more pay & better equipment & supplies in their classrooms for direct benefit to the students. Balance these things out to right the wrongs. Republican senators who have insisted upon riding the Trump Train, prepare for your departure at the Yellowstone train station.

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