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Topics Selected for Next Week’s Trump-Biden Debate - Do You Have Questions for the Candidates?
by Causes
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  • John

    Here’s another great example of Trump flat out lying. Today in Florida I heard him say to a crowd of 500 unmasked people many of them who were elderly that a vaccine was right around the corner at the exact same moment that the president of Johnson and Johnson that was working on the vaccine said there is no way a vaccine would be ready before the next year. If I know that from just listening to the news in an interview with the president of Johnson and Johnson and the president of Marc who said the same thing Donald Trump certainly knows that he’s just an F’n liar. He’s now killed 220,000 Americans with 2000 more dead every month and now 6 million Americans infected. We have the worst rate of any country in the world no other country is even close to how bad we are. He is totally miss handled this thing ruin the economy ruined the school system and lied his ass off about it. He should be locked up along with Lindsey Graham, David Predue, Mitch McConnell, and Devon Nunez, and all the other F’rs That have helped him lie and kill Americans.

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