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Key Quotes and Moments From the Trump and Biden Town Halls
by Causes
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  • John
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    This may be of interest to people about the rally Trump is having in Georgia today. On the local news show they just went over a contract the Trump organization had to sign for the rally. The contract was at the direction of Georgia’s governor David Predue, who happens to be one of trumps biggest ass kissers. This contract is for anyone having a convention and in it it says there cannot be any more than 50 people everyone has to maintain 6 feet of distancing and everyone must at all times wear a mask. It’ll be really interesting to see how the great ass kisser David Predue in force is this tonight with Trump. I guess it doesn’t count for Republicans. And on that note David Predue had to have a bell out from President Trump for unemployment insurance because so many people are out of work here we also have one of the worst Covid outbreaks in the country right here in Georgia. All the shows you how little the Republicans Care about the reality of the situation 220,000 dead Americans Almost 2000 people more now die every week, million’s people in America infected More than any other country in the world! It’s time to clean house it’s time to get rid of all these people who don’t give a shit about our lives.

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