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Key Quotes and Moments From the Trump and Biden Town Halls
by Causes
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  • John
    Voted Yes

    Anyone who flipped back-and-forth on those debates could see exactly what’s what. You had Biden, calmly and deliberately answering questions with policy. Then you had Trump bobbing, weaving, arguing, caught lying and generally saying nothing worth hearing. With 80,000 more unemployed every week, 220,000 Americans dead, Covid numbers up across the country, our school system wrecked and our economy wrecked not to mention protest in the streets in the worst race relations in this country have seen in decades. This country can’t take four more years of Trump he’s done enough damage. Along with the rest of the Republicans been enabled this idiot like Lindsey Graham Devon Nunez Mitch McConnell and David Predue and Georgia. All of them need to go.

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