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Election Risks: Postponing the Election, Stopping the Ballot Count, Swapping Electors, SCOTUS
by Keeping The Election Free & Fair
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  • Nancy

    Laughing at the comments about the CA Republicans gathering mail in ballots at various sites because their are actually doing Harvesting just like the Democrats did in our last election. They actually sent “people “ door to door to collect ballots from registered voters who hadn’t sent mailed their ballots. These people didn’t know these people or have any connection to them but did know these people were either registered as non declared, Libertarian, Green, Democrat BUT NOT any REPUBLICAN. Every other day someone comes to my son’s house asking to speak to his wife(non-declared) if she’s voted or if she would like him to take her ballot to deposit it in a “Official Ballot Drop Off Box”. They never ask for my son who is registered R. You can give your ballot to anyone you choose to drop off your ballot, the Dems just don’t want you to plan the same game. Only people I’m afraid off is the radical Left who will use any means to destroy this country that we have been witnessing for the last 6 months, while the Dems are afraid to speak out against! Chaos is what they desire.

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