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Key Quotes From Day 3 of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Hearings
by Causes
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    I have to agree with the faculty from Notre Dame that the issues that she’s not supporting or or supporting are all wrong. She’s on the side of wrong instead of the side of right she supposed to be a judge to make to have made good happen and she would just make confusion and anger happen. I read the first three comments and I totally agree with everyone of those the issues that she supports are not the ones that I would. She’s against healthcare,labor she’s for letting people that got out of prison have guns I mean come on, this is crazy I can see why Trump appointed her,they’re both crazy and we have had enough of that in this world now we need to get people in charge that know what they’re doing so we can get back in line again and be happy these are sad people with negative attitudes. I like to be around more positive people.

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