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One Month of Trump: What Grade Should He Get?
by Causes
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  • Joseph

    "A". Despite all the misleading hysteria from the Left, mainstream media, and all the sad people who still can't get over the fact he was freely elected, Tump has actually accomplished a significant amount his first month in office; all of which has been in the interest of the everyday, middle-class American. He is delivering on everything he ran on and got him in office in the first place. Democrats are still shamefully holding up is cabinet nominees, yet he has still (1) Placed a tough lobbying ban to reform Washington. If you're a true progressive liberal, even you have to agree that this is a good thing. We all believe Washington needs to change. (2) Ordered Federal Agencies to cut two regulations for every new one they propose on business owners. Another thing anyone can agree on... one of the best ways to help the economy is to stop strangling American business owners with red tape. (3) Killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal. Something Bernie wanted to do and Trump forced Hillary to campaign on after she originally was for TPP and then later flip-flopped because of the backlash. Trump actually delivered, while "Lying Hilary" would never have if elected. (4) Enforcing the existing immigration laws on the book and ordering the construction of the border wall. Regardless of how you feel about this, this was one of the primary issues he ran on and why he was elected by the AMERICAN people. (5) Worked to place a temporary travel-ban on countries the Obama Administration specifically labeled as the top risk to the USA in terms of Radical Islamic Terrorism. And FYI it's not a "Muslim-Ban", there are over 40 predominantly Muslim countries around the world and the order only effected the 7 countries that Obama Administration actually picked out. The list keeps going, but the final point I'll end on is that since Trump was elected, the US Stock Market has grown by over $2 TRILLION!! I've personally seen a positive affect on my 401K by quite a bit. This increase is because despite the bleak outlook from the far Left, the markets (who reflect the American consumer) have an extremely optimistic outlook on his presidency. Additionally, even left-leaning polls show that the small "mom & pop" average business owner, is far more optimistic since he was elected. I can speak to this myself being a small business owner. Tump will not be a perfect president, notice I didn't give me an "A+", but he obviously be pushing policies and reform in the interest of us - the American people and his first month in office reflects this.

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