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Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Senators Offer Opening Statements on Day One of Her Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
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  • Anita
    Voted Sad

    Thousands of Americans have ALREADY VOTED! The Republican senate is reprehensible for their arbitrary & punitive methodology in both 2016 & NOW. This decision should wait for what the American people want. Republican led government is trying to murder us all with Covid, & they want to shout “pro-life.” As a Mississippian, I cannot early vote or mail in vote. To absentee vote, I would have to lie which I am not prepared to do, yet I face crowded long lines on Election Day with no mask requirement in spite of the fact that I have contacted officials from my county circuit clerk to the Mississippi Secretary of State to my US senators & representative. WE WILL VOTE, but you want us to pay with our lives. Red states have literal blood on their hands. I am an independent, & republicans have done nothing to show me that they aren’t elitist narcissistic barbarians who have been so gleeful to find an unapologetic White supremacist, misogynistic tyrant to further their not-so-secret-any-more-causes. We will vote. We are coming.

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