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IT: Harris, Pence, and a fly, and... 🔎 Are you concerned about the origins of the Russia collusion investigation?
by Causes
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  • Jodi

    The Justice Department Inspector General investigated the origins of the Russia/Election meddling investigation and found that it was legal, within departmental policy guidelines and reasonable. My question is “why are MY tax dollars (and I pay a lot of them) being spent on this again with the John Durham investigation and the Senate Judiciary Committee investigation. This constant rehash has got to stop. It’s costing American Citizens real money and just keeps stirring the pot. FOCUS ON ISSUES THAT HELP REAL LIVE PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY. This constant finger pointing and reinvestigating old settled issues is exhausting and I for one am up to my ears in exhaustion. All 3 of you need to do a better job of serving your constituents and pushing back on all the crazy stuff that is sucking up way too much oxygen.


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