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What's the Status of the 'Phase 4' Coronavirus Relief Bill? Lame Duck Session Heats Up, But Little Progress on a Bipartisan Bill
by Causes
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  • Anita
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    The country needs help now. We are staring down a depression regardless of who is elected next month, but the President’s never ending series of bad decisions about Covid-19 & social agitation are the cause. The country needs help, but not the self-aggrandizing Trump-signed checks to citizens. His long-recorded need to put his name on everything is beyond tyrannical. His carelessness with Covid-19 is well documented as the super-spreader-in-chief. Mississippi is a red state, & we currently lead the nation’s murder rate, so his blue state rhetoric is so off the mark. Hold his coattails & see what happens in November. Business & citizens need consistent & carefully crafted relief, not sugar daddy economics.

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