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Economy Added 661K Jobs, Unemployment Rate Fell to 7.9% in September as Labor Market Recovery Slowed
by Causes
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  • Lisa
    Voted Apathetic

    Under 45: our federal deficit exploded! The rich got a lot richer and the poor and middle class are left paying the bills. Trump pays 750$ multiple years in taxes as he manipulates his income. This was supported by Susan Collins who also benefited. Healthcare: Obama care for the poorest Americans have been whittled away and under this president and our senators, pre-existing conditions was also shot down. Collins supporters multiple times with her votes that supported Trump and big insurance companies but not the Maine People or the people of this country Division: Americans are more scared if Jewish, black, gay or anything that is outside of white and the churches have supported this hate. The churches have supported the presidents lies and his photo ops. Women own their own bodies! Our bodies do not belong to senators or judges or politics. We will not submit to hands all over our bodies telling us what we can do In the privacy of our homes. Susan Collins supports this agenda of moving back into the dark ages and becoming a society of hand maidens Science is above the dirty games of politics. Intelligence and data will lead us out of this darkness of trumps propaganda and story telling that has no basis in fact. Susan Collins supports this agenda, supports his hateful rhetorics, and has lost sight of what is good and clean.

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