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Trump to Announce Supreme Court Pick On Saturday, Calls for Confirmation Vote Before Election Day
by Causes
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  • Nancy
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    It’s important to have a full Supreme Court to rule on important rulings come up soon. I have no doubt that the Democrats would not do the same thing. In the words of former President Obama “elections have consequences”. I am adult enough to realize that I don’t get everything I want in life. I had to put up so many things I disagreed with for 8 years but I respected the decisions made. I didn’t encourage my representatives( not that it matter because my state made it near impossible for conservatives & libertarians to get elected) to change the longstanding rules or have temper tantrum’s. But Senate Feinstien & Harris , TRIED TO BE CIVIL! It was a disgrace the last time & no one apologized for the lies told or the disgusting behavior. ALSO GET THE COVID-19 ASSISTANCE PASSED & help the people you REPRESENT.

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