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McConnell: ‘President Trump’s Nominee Will Receive A Vote’ - What’s the Outlook for a Supreme Court Confirmation?
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    The extreme ideas that go AGAINST the Constitution put forward by the Republicans in the Senate over the past 5 years to first VOID the Constitutional Power of a President to act as President more than 3 of the 4 years they are in Office, and then when THEY get a President in Office to decide their Rules only apply to DEMOCRATS is another example of their desire to turn our Country into a Soviet style One Party Tolitarian type of Government like Russia and North Korea, where other Parties are only allowed for show and to CLAIM they are a Democratic Republic. Their responsibility to Advice and Consent is NOT like having a Baby which involves 9 months, and it is absurd to refuse to do their JOB as they did in 2016 for 9 months. At the other extreme is to have a NUCLEAR option that they introduced when in the past it has take up to 4 month to properly vet a Supreme Court Justice and so this is also wrong. They should change the RULES, which are now based on the desire and whim of 1 PERSON that a Supreme Court Justice will not be approved after they return from their Summer recess or after Labor day in an election year, and NEVER during a Lame Duck session of the Senate. They also needs to accept the fact that when something is wrong such as filibuster for 1 type of action such as approving a Supreme Court Justice is is simply wrong as the Constitution only gives VETO power to the President and not to 1 Senator unless it is overridden by a Super Majority is totally wrong and in my mind another example of them doing what is un-Constitutional.

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