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2020 Riot Damage to Exceed $1 Billion, Setting New Record for Most Expensive Civil Unrest
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  • Simone
    Voted Oppose

    Although I disagree w/riots that year up business and damage property; I understand. Black and brown people are sick and tired of the injustice that they are subjected to in “the land of the free”. It’s not just black and brown but also white that are marching along in these protest and act in damaging properties. No one is heard till shit gets torn up! I’m instead of feeling some type of way towards the protesters, we look to our government officials who ignore the people until physical damage is done to properties costing quite a bit of money. No amount of money will replace the value of the people who have lost loved ones due to injustices the black and brown face was n this country. It’s same damn story just a different face and name. Time to STOP racism, abuse, murder of black and brown people. Moving forward hold our government ELECTED officials accountable by voting as well as using technology when they don’t take action against the plague of racism in our country.

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