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Ron Johnson: Ukraine Report will Show Biden's 'Unfitness for Office'
by Causes
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  • Kayleigh
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    They are blind to collusion, and the statement of his letter regarding the subpoenas that was released on August 10, 2020 makes it clear what the intentions were therein. The quote is below. **used to highlight pertinent details within his letter. () to add my own comments. It’s important to consider the intentions of anyone questioning mere coincidence and why this specific probe should be considered an attempt to influence our election this year. “*Soon after the election*, President-elect Trump made it clear that he had no intention of pursuing further investigation of Clinton. (This is after he promised to employ individuals who would “lock her up”) Since my committee had already issued an interim report on the Clinton email scandal, and **she had been held politically accountable by losing the election**(??? HELLO???), **I felt there was no longer any need for our investigation to continue**. (HELLO??? If the only intention is for her to lose and you only issued a report rather than deeming this a matter of misconduct, then it’s a partisan witch hunt) Other than documents we released for transparency and the interim report, we never held a hearing or publicly interviewed witnesses. As far as I was concerned, the case was closed. Little did I know that others were only beginning their investigations and **sabotage**.” He said all we needed to hear. And here we are again, holding presidential candidates “politically accountable” before an upcoming election? This is corruption. Utilizing any information to influence committees’ to then, open an investigation to influence election results through a malicious effort to hold candidates “politically accountable” - The intention was to influence politics and force the democratic loss of the 2016 election. It was said and documented, clear as can be. Any continued probing to prove further candidates as unfit is malicious and should be illegal.

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