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‘It’ll Start Getting Cooler, Just Watch’: Trump Dismisses Climate Change Concerns Amid Wildfires
by Causes
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  • Kayleigh
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    His comment continue to be dismissive of the quality of life and safety of American people. During a time when peoples’ homes have been destroyed and they are left with nothing, we have a President who is dismissing the reality of what has happened and it is vile. There has been little to no urgency and absolutely zero compassion or outreach toward the people impacted by disasters and disruptions. I am personally concerned that the President or the private Trump Organization, and affiliated companies, will act on the possible opportunities following destruction of properties, similar to what he stated following 9/11 regarding Trump Tower then being the largest standing building because the World Trade Centers fell, and exploring the possibilities of his organization rebuilding in the same location. He has little value over human life unless it’s supportive of his ideologies and intentions. It is apparent in nearly all policy changes that he’s pushed for. It has been apparent following every disaster. In all of history, Americans have welcomed togetherness and unified support as they rallied for a win for our country. Over the last 4 years, the strength in unity has nearly disappeared. If only he spoke to support all of those he represents, the story and the country’s morale wouldn’t be so low. The impact this will have is limitless and should it continue, it will only get worse. What I hope people who support him understand is that their reality is not reflective or representative for Americans across this country. While it may be true for some, it’s not for all. The best part about being an American is, or should be, knowing that our top leadership is acting in the best interest of everyone within our borders. We should be able to trust that our president and the White House is exemplifying and representing the American people with dignity, respect and honor. We should accept nothing less than this. His actions toward protecting his own interests is much different than unprecedented events our country has been faced with. The attitude and general conversations surrounding the events vs his energy while discussing his campaign initiatives and focus is incredibly and widely different. I think it’s time to focus in on the way he fails certain populations and why it would be any different. I’m disappointed. I’m worried. I’m furious. I feel very much in the dark. I feel very much misled and misinformed. I’m not alone in that and we need to come together to understand why that is. We are better than this. So much better than this. Even when we’re wrong, we’re better than this.

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