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House Democrats Plan to Repeal Hyde Amendment Next Year, Allow Federal Funding of Abortion - Are You In Favor?
by Causes
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  • Kayleigh
    Voted Oppose

    What is the argument for and against abortion largely centered on? Religious beliefs with scientific support that is limited only to the development of a fetus. It has truly developed into a personally held belief from the long-held religious argument of “thou shalt not kill”. Because of the governments inability to separate what personal beliefs are not religious, I believe that allowing federal dollars to fund abortion procedures is within the scope of “separation of church and state” and should not be permissible. By allowing federal dollars to directly support the services offered outside of abortion, we avoid conflicts among the wide-scope of beliefs. While I believe it’s important that women have control over their bodies and what is or isn’t allowable, I believe there is still vast differences in the beliefs held among Americans and it’s equally important to respect their beliefs as they don’t get to decide how their tax dollars are spent. the Hyde amendment, in an essence, supports both sides to the furthest extent possible. I would like to see other community organizations relevant to a woman during the time she’d be considering an abortion, offering to pay for abortion services for those involved in their organization. For example: a safe house for domestic violence victims creating partnerships with planned parenthood that would allow one to fund the other, with the understanding that those would cover the cost of referral. I think it’s an excellent way to ensure that women can afford the service when it’s critical to their life, and ensuring that a non-profit is not losing or gaining money from it.

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