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Senate Democrats Block GOP's 'Targeted' Coronavirus Relief Bill
by Causes
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  • Ridge
    Voted Oppose

    I see too many families around me that have needed the additional PUA assistance every week to pay bills and buy food. $300 a week would have been better than nothing. Thousands have ruined their credit by stopping their credit card payments, rent and mortgages. 80% to 90% of Americans live week to week. We could do a better bill in Jan 2021 if necessary. I feel that everybody in congress needs to be replaced with new blood and term limits have to be established. It's inconceivable that the senate went home this summer without rescuing their constituents. Compromise has been replaced by partisanship. Pelosi was too rigid. I expect this from republicans. She should have convinced Trump that this election was his if he bailed out his base. He would have listened then.


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