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After HR 1 vote, Democrats ready to move quickly on other top 10 bills
by CQ Roll Call
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  • Pat

    By using the Countable app you can contact your elected representative and in this case for HR one through HR8 you will be able to contact your elected officials let them know that these are things that are on your mind you would like to see accomplished. The Countable app also lets you see what other peoples opinions are and how they feel about the situation and helps to get the ball rolling to make Mitch McConnell start to do his job. And stop the the money the people with all the money from having influence over the population of The United States and what you want to see done. Not just the Republicans. Stick with the Countable stick with the Countable app to see your legislation choices follow through. Listen to other opinions share your opinions and get things done. It will contact all of your elected officials.


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