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Pence Aide: NBA Protests Over Police Shooting 'Absurd and Silly' - Do You Support the NBA Protests?
by Causes
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  • Cathy
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    It may be that the only way to get attention and support for the BLM movement and to face the reality of systemic racism in this country is to take away their sports programs. Sports figures are idolized by the populace and their voices will be heard and hopefully have some influence In getting people to listen. It’s time to stop hiding our heads in the sand. Watching the current administration blatantly ignore police brutality in numerous incidents against black citizens and literally endorse white nationalism and encourage attacks on peaceful protests under the guise of a “Law and Order” platform is hypocritical and appalling. The GOP has become the Party of racism just by their complicity in allowing this President to run rampant with his chaotic, immoral and illicit behavior. WAKE UP!


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