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Trump Admin Finalizes Oil & Gas Development Plan for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
by Causes
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  • Jeffrey
    Voted Oppose

    I guess money really is all that's important to some people, but what good is that money going to do them if we can't live on this planet anymore? Wildfires the like as never before seen, extreme weather in the news on a daily basis, and new terms for weather like derecho, or super storm, or polar vortex. Oh yeah let's not forget the historic ( a word that is familiar when describing weather these days) duel tropical storms, likely hurricanes bearing down on the United States as we speak. One would have to be quite the fool to not believe that climate change is the number one threat to all of mankind bar none. With that in mind exploiting the resources in the Arctic seems a bit short sighted, at least for young people or anyone with kids or grandkids who are going to be the ones that have to deal with this short sightedness. I suggest that everyone needs to GET OUT AND VOTE FOR OUR LIVES.


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