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The DC: Kamala Harris officially becomes first Black woman to be a major party's VP nominee, and... đźš” Time to reform police unions?
by Causes
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  • Lloyd

    Harris will be popular for a week until she faces questions from people who can think On Day one, Harris couldn’t carry her own State, couldn’t run campaign, Now your saying after she fell on her face on Day one, Now it’s all different??? C What is different???? When the General Public gets Smart enough to know what Gun Grabbers are, Example, we have had a 3 round limit on Duck Hunting Shotguns for ever, Never a complaint from Duck Hunters, People like Harris are to ignorant, or they play on the ignorance of a lot of this public who have never gone hunting and know there are rules as to how many rounds a Duck Hunting Shot Gun can hold, That is there only problem, Are they smart enough to say it, or do they want to disarm the American Public and have Government in total control, This is what Russia and China have for laws


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