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The DC: Kamala Harris officially becomes first Black woman to be a major party's VP nominee, and... đźš” Time to reform police unions?
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  • Lloyd

    Harris will never be elected, the USA has had multi round Rifles for ever, my first .22 caliber rifle held 15 rounds 65 years ago. A .45 ACP that I shot in competition with when I was 18 years old held 9 rounds, Hunting Shotgun’s can hold 3 rounds, that has been Law for ever, Hunting Rifles have round limits, Put a 3 round clip on AR 15, that is the only thing these gun grabbers look at, Use the laws we already have and have had for 75 years. Tell Remington, the round limit is going to be the same as a shotgun for duck hunting, 3 rounds. Multi round fire arms are not a problem, we have had them for ever. Make misuse of a firearm a Capital Crime and enforce it, The Gun Grabers will say OH, we can’t do that, What the people like Harris want is to disarm the American Public, that gives Government total control. They don’t want the law in the hands of the American Public These people are to ignorant to pass a nation wide round limit the same as a Duck Hunting Shotgun, We have had this Law forever, you don’t hear Duck Hunters complain about it, Not at all


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