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Postal Chief Suspends Controversial Changes Until After Election - Do You Support the Move?
by Causes
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  • Beth
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    I oppose the Postmaster General’s appointment given his financial incentive to damage and discredit the postal service. I oppose the destruction and removal sorting machines knowing that they will be needed for mail in voting. I oppose the removal of senior postal managers who carry the life time knowledge of how the postal system works and how it meets it’s obligation to serve all postal clients equitably- even those in low traffic and hard to reach areas. I oppose the notion that the postal service is being characterized as a for profit business entity and not as a fundamental service provided by our government. The legislature is a core service that is not expected to turn a profit despite it’s high costs, neither are any of the federal agencies upon which our populous depends- so why should we expect the postal service to turn a profit and not our military, the forest service, the weather service, the CDC, the FDA, NASA, the FBI, the Department of Agriculture and any other agency that we depend upon? And how can the Postal Service be profitable when rates are capped or set by congressional mandate? The postal service was very ‘profitable’ until Republicans passed a law requiring the postal service to pre-pay 75 years of employee retirement and health care benefits. Show me any other ‘business’ constrained in this way. Show me any other Agency constrained in in this way. If their are any, they are relatively small without the infrastructure nor reach of the postal service. … … … Demand that the postmaster general be removed for his inept leadership (actually criminal- but I would accept removal for being inept and profoundly stupid). … … … I am so tired of the trump’s in-your-face corruption of all of our critical agencies and institutions - and look forward to seeing him out of our governance and imprisoned for his crimes, especially those relating to the needless negligent homicide of almost 175,000 Americans.

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