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Trump Admin Finalizes Oil & Gas Development Plan for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
by Causes
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  • Jill
    Voted Oppose

    I am so irate over this, The idiot in the White House giving away a pristine piece of the great state of Alaska to his oil buddies. I’m sure he’ll get a pretty penny in return for that favor. I hate this buffoon that has taken our country hostage for the benefit of himself, his families and his cronies. He’s a criminal, a traitor, a sexual predator and a pathological liar. I want him out of the WH and out of this country! He doesn’t deserve to be a citizen of this great country. He likes Putin so much send him to Russia to be with his buddy. The rest of his family can be shipped over there too as far as I’m concerned. They all only care about themselves and how much money they can make for themselves. By the way having a funeral or service at the WH for his brother is an affront to the families and friends of the nearly 170,000 people that have died from COVID 19.

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