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California Ban on Magazines Holding 10 or More Bullets Struck Down by Appeals Court Panel
by Causes
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  • Phillip
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    Hmmm this old chestnut again just in time for an election. I disagree with a 10 rd limit in that it disallows many weapons that are already out there of some age with slightly more than that. Eg 9mm browning hipower comes with a standard 12 rd magazine. However I don’t believe there should be 15,20,30,50 rd magazines out there either. I’d be happier with them limiting new build weapons to 10 rd and allowing older weapons with a STANDARD magazine of some few more say up to 15. Once you are anywhere over one clip you are not in self defense mode any more anyway. It only takes one round to bring down an elephant. Why would a responsible, trained and regulated gun owner possibly need more?

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