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Former FBI Lawyer to Plead Guilty in Durham’s Probe Into Origins of Russia Collusion Investigation
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  • Lloyd
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    The Russian BS has been just that from day one, it’s all public record, Russia gave 100 grand, Why no one knows, 50 grand of that before the election, 50 after, of the 50 Before, half went to Clinton, half to Trump Russia has 5 to 7 million people from Russia living in the USA, no one knows if one of them may have put up the money The Example, Mexico spends a lot of money through Mexicans living in the US, The Democrats never say a word, The US has meddled in other elections for 150 years, how many countries do we have Military bases in ????,, Anyone can run a add, has been that way for ever, The Press and others play with General ignorance, like, This is something new, has been going on before WW, 11,,, read a little

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