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Senate Adjourns, Joins House on Recess Without a Deal on Coronavirus Relief - Tell Congress How You Feel
by Causes
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  • Beth
    Voted Yes

    I’m fed up with the way trump and the GOP are handling this pandemic,they have not done anything to help stop the spread. The only thing they have done is steal millions of dollars for their wealthy cronies and line their own pockets. They make millions and expect average American to live on $1200 for four months. They need to shut everything down, make masks mandatory and fucking stop lying to us. Put medical experts in charge of this not douchebag Donnie, kushner and pence none of them are qualified unless your end plan is to see how many of millions of people you can kill, if that’s the plan your on your way. This falls squarely on trump and the GOP you could have got rid of him during the impeachment but no you chose not to, you just stand around and do nothing or help him destroy this country for your own greedy wants. You fucked up big time and now your afraid your time is coming to a end so now you all are doing everything you can to screw with the election even if that means you destroy the USPS. You do know 675,000 people work there that will only add to the already 975,000 people unemployed. Republicans call their self fiscally responsible but your nothing but lying con men just like trump. You think the American people are going to roll over and let this country be destroy we’re not going to so you better get ready for that big blue wave on November 3rd we’re taking our country back from you lying, cheating, corrupt Russian bought assholes.

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