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Senate Adjourns, Joins House on Recess Without a Deal on Coronavirus Relief - Tell Congress How You Feel
by Causes
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  • Jill
    Voted Yes

    The people on unemployment, the people struggling to feed their families, the very people that help keep our economy afloat in better times, don’t get a paid vacation. In fact because of you they will be in worse financial shape than you could ever even imagine. Put your egos in your back pockets and get your asses back to work! Don’t think about what Trump wAnts it doesn’t want people on unemployment aren’t going to refuse work if it’s safe for them to work. Don’t prevent them from suing the employers that knowingly ignore CDC guidelines. You want to protect criminals right that’s what you’ve done for almost 4years. It’s well past time to pull up your big girl pantries or grow a pair and do what is right for your constituents not for Trump or your donors or Wall Street. Do what needs to be done to protect the everyday citizens of this great country! Stop trying to suppress the voting rights for your own damn party, your are the only voter fraud perpetrators in this country. Your have a responsibility to this country and to your fellow humans...stand up and do what is right then you can take your vacation and hold your head high. Until then there’s nothing but shame for you.

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