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Trump Vows to Block Stimulus Funding for Mail-In Voting and USPS - Do You Support the Move?
by Axios
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  • Judy
    Voted No

    Shutting down our mail system to stop voting. What are you our representatives going to do to stop this and get the USPS up and running back to normal? Holding the United States mail hostage is a blatant crime. Congress you have ignored crime after crime and have done nothing to protect the AMERICAN people. Review your oath of office and it is about time to live up to it. AMERICAN rights and freedoms are being destroyed and attacked again and again from within. It is your sworn duty, your job to protect America and Americans who voted you to your office and put their trust in you. Americans are tired of waiting and hoping that anyone will speak up for us and protect us. So far Congress is not taking their 2/3 power to protect, guard and guide this country. Get to work.

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