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Trump Vows to Block Stimulus Funding for Mail-In Voting and USPS - Do You Support the Move?
by Axios
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  • Ridge
    Voted No

    Here we go. This is what I foretold months ago. Trump isn't even trying to disguise his amoral behavior anymore. He's emboldened to the point of daring anyone to stop him. Just like Hitler: It came slowly and quietly at first but as his authoritarianism strengthens anti-democratic things start happening more often that seem increasingly outrageous and beyond our control. Are we going to let this asshole kneecap our US Postal Service to suppress our most democratic right; our right to vote? Be a hero... Do the hard thing, the right thing. He has to be stopped. The we need to take down everyone who enabled this morally bankrupt demagogue of the scum of the earth.

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