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Trump Vows to Block Stimulus Funding for Mail-In Voting and USPS - Do You Support the Move?
by Axios
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  • Jill
    Voted No

    There’s Trump on tv saying that he won’t give the Democrats the money needed for the onslaught of mail in voting. He says if they don’t have money then they can’t do it (the mail in voting). Such blatant abuse as he tends to do. He’s the cause of voter suppression and the only voter fraud in the news in 2018 was by the GOP! I’m beyond sick of this buffoon, criminal, divisive human being. VOTE him out of office!!! Save our democracy. For the mental health of this country...we can’t tolerate another four years of his ping ponging from one insane idea to another from one embarrassing global stunt to another. Let’s get him the hell out of the WH!!

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