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Trump: ‘Some People Would Say Men Are Insulted’ by Biden Choosing a Woman as VP
by Causes
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  • Beth
    Voted No

    A good majority of Americans are insulted he’s our president. There have been presidents I haven’t liked but none I was completely embarrassed by. It should have ended when he jumped on the birther scam. It should have ended when he mocked a handicapped person. It should have ended when we heard him say “you can grab them by the pussy”. A lifelong racist, a lifelong womanizer, a lifelong cheater who paid to stay out of jail his entire life, he’s a disgusting human being who would steal you blind rather than lend you hand. A man incapable of learning because his narcissism makes him believe he knows it all. He doesn’t have a single redeeming value. The world sees it, why can’t you?

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