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What’s in President Trump’s Executive Actions to Extend Coronavirus Relief?
by Causes
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  • Cindy
    Voted Oppose

    While i can see the president is trying to move forward for help to "those still struggling thru unemployment or businesses still having difficulties, I don't see these actions as helpful. It is up to the CONGRESS to put away their political differences and pet projects to address what the American public and economy still need. The deferred payroll taxes only help those working and business surviving. While i can see where these would help businesses in particular, i am unclear when the president says making this permanent, or just deferred - meaning they will be collected later. If permanent, he cannot do this. Only Congress can make that change. So, unless congress votes to make it permanent, this will be due at some time. And, remember, this tax is used to fund Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security. These funds are already running low. An even bigger problem arises if these funds are withheld. Regarding the $600 that had been given to the unemployed, why not split the difference and make it $400 for now. Then figure out a way that an emergency measure can be put in place in future economic crisis where an unemployment fund of some type would fill the gap between typical unemployment and the unemployed employees average pay over the past 6 months. This could be something all states can "program for" for future recessions/epidemics, etc. If we are in "normal" times, normal unemployment benefits would be paid. But, having this "gap filler" programmed for and available for future challenges, this would better help the public regardless of the wages earned. In addition to the previously mentioned programming, there would also be a way to set a maximum payroll weekly amount. That would keep the top 1-5 %ers from getting this help. In the meantime, let's just split the difference between tht republican's $200 and the democrats $600.

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