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What’s in President Trump’s Executive Actions to Extend Coronavirus Relief?
by Causes
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    It’s hard to escape thinking about this administration and this attention addicted president. Several years ago amidst all the bluster of the president self-congratulating his wealth, a comparative analysis was completed showing that if he had done nothing with his inheritance it would actually have been better and worth more. This analysis has proved to be a terrifying pattern, almost every major issue of our time would be better off if he had simply done nothing. These orders do little of any substance and the things they attempt to direct cause harm. Businesses are trying to cope with COVID-19 like everyone else the last thing they need is some il-formed dictate forcing them to rewrite their payroll systems. Also unless the president has ignored the data a payroll tax break does absolutely nothing for millions of jobless....they don’t need a shiny Trojan horse designed to destroy Medicare and Social Security they need real assistance or at the very least some federal cooperation to manage the pandemic so the economy can begin to repair itself

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