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Trump to Take Executive Action to Extend Coronavirus Relief Measures - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Carol
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    This is unacceptable. We all know it is the GOP that held up this bill. They started obstructing this bill when they sat on the house bill for nearly two months. Our country is an absolute mess due to the GOP and the moron in the White House. I say take the executive orders to court now. Trump can not usurped the powers of congress. This is just more smoke and mirrors by the GOP to make Trump look like a tough man for his base. How dare you go home for the August recess and not do your job! You all need to keep your asses in DC until the needs of the people are met. We all know which party, the Democrats, has the best interest of average Americans in mind. Perhaps protests in front of senators offices in Kansas and DC are needed! Of course Trump would call out unmarked troops to gas them and call them terrorists. You Senators are to blame for the continued anti-American behavior of your party and Trump.

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