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The DC: Mnuchin pushes back on Pelosi: We need 'balance' between debt, coronavirus relief & 📅 Should we consider postponing the 2020 election?
by Causes
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  • Carol

    We need a relief package now that does not shortchange the unemployed and poor. To hell to the GOP senators who say the unemployed are making more on unemployment then they would if they were working. These people were grossly underpaid to begin with; but, the GOP would never insure a livable minimum wage prior to the pandemic. Besides these people are not going back to work because it “IS. NOT SAFE”. Donald Trump and the GOP have failed on the fight against the virus. First they denied the virus and next the refused to give us a unified approach to fighting the virus. They then push to reopen without adequate MANDATED health guidelines. But worst of all the GOP used health guidelines and mask wearing as a political tool. I am just livid about the divisiveness of the GOP.

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