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Obama Calls for Elimination of the Filibuster as a ‘Jim Crow Relic’ - Should the Senate's 60 Vote Threshold Be Abolished?
by Causes
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  • Donna

    Yes curtail the fillabuster AND SEVERELY LIMIT LAW MAkING BY PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS! CONGRESS is SUPPOSED to make LAWS. If presidential power is not curtailed, why have Congress? At the VERY LEAST RULE by PRESIDENTIALORDERS should EXPIRE AFTER 30 days if CONGRESS DOES NOT ENACT THEM !!!” Come on LET’S get BACK to ACTUAL RULE of LAW and have the ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES of the PEOPLE ENACT the LAWS and NOT the WHIMS of ONE MAN. That is a DICTATORSHIP, NOT an DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC!!!!! Am I the ONLY one to SEE THIS??????

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