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$600 Weekly Federal Unemployment Benefit Expires - Should the Federal Benefit Be Extended?
by Causes
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  • Phillip
    Voted Yes

    These are extraordinary times and this should be spent to attempt to stabilize the economy. The trickle down version first passed was a total failure. Those jobs have not and probably will not return for months if not years. If people are staying home for their health and won’t accept less money and less pay than they are getting now then it is businesses responsibility to raise wages and conditions. to get them back. Reasonable paid Sick leave should be available to all employees. Decent wages should be paid that enable someone to work one job and provide for themselves. If your “business model”won’t handle paying a decent wage or conditions then sadly you should Be working for someone else or unemployed yourself. We need to rid the service industry of reliance on tips to augment starvation wages also. Many who had to work multiple jobs are surviving on the unemployment for one underpaying job. Pay the extra. It’s been sitting on Moscow mitches desk for months.

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