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The DC: Tom Cotton calls slavery 'necessary evil' in attack on NYT's 1619 Project, and... 🛫 Would you feel comfortable flying right now?
by Causes
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  • Kathy

    We shouldn’t be surprised by the total ignorance of Tom Cotton or people like him. His ancestors were owners of enslaved people too. There are many more people out here that believe the same BS. Or better yet know the truth but because they have benefited from it they stay quiet. The wealth of this country was builded off the backs of our ancestors stolen from Africa. This country wealth came from cotton, tobacco as well all the things that were invented by enslaved people who had no rights. Couple of weeks ago a man was on camera saying how poor his family was to even purchased land and buy enslaved people. The sheer ignorance of people who want to hold to the beliefs this country is there’s without acknowledging the true history is mind blowing. How Tom Cotton and a lot more Congress members get voted into office tells you a whole lot about their constituents who vote them into office! Birds of a feather flock together. Africa is call the Mother Land for a reason it was first.

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