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Trump Suggests Delaying Election ‘Until People Can Properly, Securely and Safely Vote’ – Would You Support a Delay?
by Causes
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  • Aaron
    Voted Oppose

    Just curious that all the people that oppose holding the election in November, you do realize Trump can’t do that. If he does it’ll be considered an illegal act defined by the constitution. Only the full congress, house and senate can postpone a election. So all of you constitutional hocks that are so pro second amendment and won’t let the federal government tread on you. You actually arent, and it’s really just a load of complete BS. You pick and choose which constitutional amendments you back. You would delayed a federal election just to stick it to the Democrats and the liberals, when Trump is literally eating away at the US for his own profit. He can screw you over as much as he want, and you’ll still vote for him. You also bash mail in voting when the president, the vice president, and multitude of other Republican Congress members have done mail in voting. But it’s OK to get your Social Security check by mail, your refund check by mail, and a multitude of other federal services by mail, but it’s your patriotic duty to do it in person. OK, I want you to tell every single military members serving overseas that has to send their ballot in by mail that they have to do it in person. I want your keyboard warriors to get off your ass is an actually do it.

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